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Everything but the core.

skyTON is a unique SaaS company, created by entrepreneurs to enable you to focus on your business, whilst everything else is taken care of.

skyTON enables your

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skyTON frees your business to grow. Whether you are a startup or a scale-up company, skyTON has the resources to make your business as successful as you know it can be, and more. Our highly experienced team understands what makes businesses work and will quickly identify what your company needs, customizing and implementing a complete solution to allow you to concentrate on your business’ core activities. 

skyTON helps companies grow by filling the people gaps in the organisation, integrating technology, creating lean and streamlined business processes, sparking collaboration and fueling growth.  skyTON’s Service as a Service (SaaS) allows companies to focus on their core strengths and activities, whilst all other activities are handled by a team of experts using Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solution as a framework to help you collaborate effectively, optimize business tasks, and drive growth. skyTON will set up, install and manage the Microsoft Dynamics without the hefty implementation fees that prohibit start-up and scale-ups from benefiting from big company solutions. 

Automation isn’t the only Answer 

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skyTON will embrace your business goals and culture, quickly developing solutions to optimize all functions but the core. skyTON’s SaaS gives companies the bandwidth and framework that will actually help them achieve their business goals 

The key to filling the gaps is skyTON’s expertise in understanding the inner workings of your business, and recognize how to optimize and get the most value out of the tools available. 


If you want to grow your business, make sure to invest your time and effort in optimizing what you do best and have the people with the expertise to do the necessary things that you don’t. 



skyTON understands that the vast majority of complicated tech tools end up being ignored as the people using them don’t understand the benefit, and just want to get back to work. This is why skyTON SaaS works. Unlike consultancies, skyTON will work with you to construct a plan of success to meet the company’s goals. We don’t walk away, we implement the tools that will actually help you achieve your business goals. Our team is your team, always with you, always ‘on-call’ when there is a problem and working with you to build success. 

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Supply Chain 

Demand Planning  


Production Planning 



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Product Registration 

Company Set-Up 

VAT Registration 

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Cash Collection 

Debt Management 

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Human Resource Management  



PRO + Visas 

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Sales Administration 


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Communications & Social Media 

Graphic Design 



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